Energy levels

11 Jan

So, since starting the 5 day fast forward program, I’ve noticed a change in my energy levels. I like to work out a lot. Yesterday, I went to the gym to do some cardio and then a class. I had planned to do the treadmill for 45 minutes, which is nothing unusual for me. However, after half an hour, I felt that I was lagging….I just didn’t feel like I had enough energy to finish. So, rather than push myself too hard, I decided to to 10 minutes on the recumbent bike before class started.

The class I did was Body Sculpt…which was a lot tougher than I expected! It’s basically an hour toning class…and I am feeling it today…so sore! But during the whole workout, I just didn’t feel I had as much energy as I usually do….which is a bit ironic since I ate breakfast before working out (as part of the plan I’m supposed to eat within an hour of waking) and I almost do. I think being on this plan, and eating less calories than I usually do for a couple of days now is starting to affect me.

I am also sooo tired later in the day! I was off yesterday because it was a PA day, so I am hoping I have enough energy to teach today!

Does what you eat make a difference in how much energy you have?

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