One more day….

11 Jan

So….I’m not eating supper just yet, but I am going to describe to you all the “fast forward supper”….because I already know exactly what it will be…and I already took a picture of it yesterday!

Supper is eaten as a salad…2 cups spinach to start, 1 hard-boiled egg (I pre-boiled all the eggs on the weekend so I’d have them ready…drew happy faces on them with a Sharpie 🙂 so I’d know which ones were cooked…this is a great time-saving idea for anyone….boil a bunch of eggs on the weekend and then they’re close at hand for use in lunches during the week),  1 cup raspberries and 2 tbsp almonds (toasted and chopped, of course). As you can see from the photo, I put half of the raspberries on my salad (and this is the only part of the diet I’m using fresh ones for)…and eat the other half afterward for my dessert (hey, I’ve got a killer sweet tooth, I’ve gotta have something!).

Of course, since I can’t use any oil or dressing, I use part of my 6 tbsp daily vinegar allowance to top it with. So far I’ve been going with the garlic balsamic that I told you about…although I think tonight I might switch it up and try red wine vinegar. I also top the salad with black pepper and a selection of dried herbs….last night I tried Herbes de Provence, which I did not enjoy so much (I’ve determined that they’re better with meat/cooked food). But Italian seasoning and Pampered Chef Dill Mix have been good. And of course, as with all my meals, I wash it all down with water (I just usually don’t snap a photo ’cause it’s not that interesting) and a cup of tea (don’t know if I mentioned this, but I am allowed to drink up to 5 cups of any kind of tea a day….thank goodness! As much as I am not a big eater of salad in winter (it makes me cold), this is actually a pretty tasty salad, even without oil.

I had to go to the grocery store today because I ran out of frozen raspberries (I managed to eat all that was left of the raspberries I froze in the summer in 4 days!!!!)….all the food there looked so good….one…more…day!

I will post tomorrow about my lunch and late-night snack….gotta run…off to do some more stuff on the computer and then to hula-hooping class and a meeting at the church!

P.S….for those of you who are looking for the more “foodie” (as opposed to health/weight loss) part of this blog…hang on…I’ve got a tasty cupcake project coming up at the end of the week!

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