Day off…

12 Jan

As to the title of my post….I didn’t have a day off work or a snow day (I wish!)….I am taking a day off from working out today. After cardio and Body Sculpt on Monday, my workout with my trainer and Hula Hooping yesterday, plus my low energy levels from the 5 food plan…I just wasn’t feeling it today. Plus, I had thought about going for a run and the weather was icky…and despite my thoughts of going for a walk or something when I got home, I’m still tired and a little sore.

Now, for many of you…not exercising in a day is no big deal, there may be more days that you don’t work out than you do….and that’s great! But…it’s hard for me. Generally, I work out every day except Sunday (unless I’m sick). It’s really hard for me to take a day off during the week without feeling guilty or being afraid of being fat….there….I said it. I really struggle with the balance, both exercise and food-wise. I tend to be an all or nothing girl. I wish I could learn to achieve and maintain more of an equilibrium…with my weight, eating and exercise. But I am trying to listen to my body…and it’s telling me that it’s been 5 days of eating limited calories, plus a couple of really tough workouts and I am tired. So if my body is telling me to take a day off, I should listen, right? Plus, I know that not eating enough and working out too much can also lead to gaining weight.

Enough about my exercise issues…onto my lunch today (and the 4 days previous)…the photo above isn’t today (because I packed my lunch)…but it was the same nonetheless: 1 cup frozen raspberries, thawed; 6 ounces organic plain yogurt and 2 tbsp chopped toasted almonds…most days I have been adding cinnamon (did you know that 1 tsp of cinnamon has more antioxidants than a cup of blueberries?). Now, I normally add Splenda to my yogurt…but actually, with the berries and the cinnamon, the unsweetened yogurt isn’t that bad.

The top photo is the shot of before I mixed everything together…this pic is of after I mixed it all. Out of breakfast, lunch and dinner, I think this was my favourite meal (I go for the sweeter things)….but I still have to tell you all about the smoothie (which I will do tonight as I enjoy my last smoothie).

I was making my lunch for tomorrow, and it smelled SO good…it has more than 5 foods in it! And I must admit, I snuck a piece of pepper and cauliflower (wow that sounds pathetic)….I will sum up from my 5 day experience in the next couple of days and share my results with you all.

What food/exercise hang-ups do you have? Is it hard for you to take a day off of exercising? How do you stick to your routine? I want to know! Will post the smoothie later on!

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