Veggie love

14 Jan

As you saw from last night’s supper, I love my veggies…and I love bulking up my meals with them. The theme continues today with lunch. I made lunch last night (as I always do for school)….it started off with a “veggie stack”…layers of grilled eggplant, grilled portabello mushroom, a bruschetta Boca burger (I bought it in Buffalo, sadly not available in Canada), a piece of roasted red pepper, some of my favourite mustard in the world, Mrs. McGarrigle’s balsamic and cracked peppercorn (bought at the Royal Winter Fair)….this stuff is AMAZING! So much flavour! And a piece of chopped up light Babybel cheese….when I reheat it, the cheese will be all nice and melty :). On the side, I sauteed some rapini that I had previously blanched (see last night’s post) in 1 tsp of olive oil with some garlic and a touch of balsamic vinegar…..YUM!

For the sweet part of lunch, I packed 2 chopped persimmons (I first tried them at Christmas…if you haven’t, give them a try…quite tasty….the smaller ones are best for eating on their on) and a Fibre One 100 calorie chocolate peanut butter bar (LOVE them!).

I am writing this after packing lunch but before eating it….but I am so pumped for this lunch…it’s full of nutrition and flavours I love! Eating the way I do does take time….but for me it’s not work. I love to cook and experiment with new flavours, so doing 20 minutes or so of advanced lunch prep is fun for me….I understand it’s not for everyone though, it’s just what works for me.

What about you? Do you buy lunch? Grab and go….what’s your style?

Happy Friday!

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