Italian Lunch à la Hungry Girl

16 Jan

So if you haven’t noticed yet, I have several of my favourite websites for you to peruse on the sidebar. One that you really should consider checking out is Hungry Girl. I could go on and on about how much I love Hungry Girl and all her amazing guilt-free recipes. I have 3 HG cookbooks and many of my favourite recipes come from these books or her site.

Today’s lunch featured two of my favourite Hungry Girl recipes: HG’s Hungry Girl-fredo (with the addition of sauteed mushrooms) and Chicken Parmesan. All I can say is YUM YUM YUM! I also had a side of roasted brussels sprouts. Who would have ever thought that I could have a guilt-free meal of fettucini alfredo and chicken parmesan? Thank you hungry girl, from the bottom of my heart!

One note about the alfredo recipe – it calls for tofu shiritaki noodles – which are quite difficult to find and not too cheap either. But they are worth the effort. In Canada, you can find them at Whole Foods or Longo’s grocery stores. Or you can order online from Low Carb Canada or The Low Carb Grocery. Basically, they are noodles made out of tofu, so they are way lower in carbs and calories than regular pasta. HG loves them, and I really like them too. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat regular pasta, but when you want a pasta dish that won’t use up your calorie budget, these noodles are a calorie bargain. If you give them a try, let me know what you think!

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    […] before)…but sometimes you just want a huge bowl of noodles, plus something more on the side, (like chicken Parm ), these guys fit the bill. They are available to order online in Canada, but, since I was there, […]

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