How a snow day helps me be healthy (and organized)

18 Jan

Like many other teachers throughout Southern Ontario, I rejoiced this morning when I heard the wonderful news on the radio – school was cancelled! I didn’t get to sleep in, since I was already at the gym (the announcement isn’t made until about 6:30), so I already had an early start to the day. Although I wanted to relax and enjoy the day, I was determined to do some things to maximize my time….which I will tell you about, after I tell you about today’s AWESOME lunch.

Whenever I am at home for lunch, I like to take my time and make something I wouldn’t be able to eat if I was packing my lunch – and today’s noon meal definitely met that criteria. Since I had kale in my fridge and time to spare, I decided to make some kale chips. It’s been a while, but they didn’t disappoint – I used garlic salt and they were delicious. The main part of my lunch was a panini – made with 2 slices light bread sprayed with Becel spray. For the filling, I used a little bit of fig goat cheese leftover from Christmas (it was still good) and homemade fig jam that I got as a birthday gift (but didn’t open until December). The flavours of this sandwich were just amazing! Of course I love anything sweet – but I really like sweet and savoury combinations, and I just love goat cheese. Grilling the sandwich (used my grill pan and panini press) just finishes it off perfectly…I love the crispy bread! And the butter spray lets you make a crispy panini without the added fat of butter. I also enjoyed some red and yellow peppers on the side to up the veggies in this meal.

For dessert, I made one of my favourite Hungry Girl recipes that I haven’t had in a while – frozen hot chocolate! Now, you may think a frozen drink is an odd choice for a snow day, but it is actually above freezing here – it’s more of a “freezing rain day.” This was the perfect way to cap off a luxurious lunch.

Now…onto my snow day productivity. The snow day did me a favour by eliminating one school lunch I had to pack. My lunch tomorrow is good to go, and I didn’t do a thing today, since it was supposed to be today’s lunch! And because I made soup on Sunday for 2 days, that’s one more day taken care of. That leaves only one lunch left to make, which I did today (post coming later in the week). So…cross one thing off the list – lunches made for the week!

I also took the opportunity to do some baking (those of you who know me, know that I will look for any opportunity to bake). I made 3 things (3 separate posts will come)….one of which was for someone else, the other two will go into the freezer to grab for healthy breakfasts and snacks. I love baking things ahead of time and knowing that I have something healthy and homemade to grab in the freezer. Not only is it great for when I’m short on time, it’s also good for unexpected visitors!

I am also going to type a bunch of blog posts for the week…I found the feature on wordpress that lets you schedule posts (confession: I typed this morning’s post last night)….which is great for when I am busy and don’t have time to post (like when I’m teaching school). I have lots of ideas from the last couple of days that will make great posts (workouts, Costco shopping, baking, lunches), so I might as well type them while they’re fresh in my mind.

Another organizational step I took today…re-organizing our snack drawer! Actually, I guess it’s just organizing, since it wasn’t at all organized before….this is something that’s needed to be done for a while, so it feels great to get it under control.

And, on a non food-related note, I also took the chance to vacuum my car and shave my legs today (both things were overdue 🙂 ).

What do you do with found time? Do you try to be productive, or just relax and enjoy it, or a mix of the two?

5 Responses to “How a snow day helps me be healthy (and organized)”

  1. Catherine M.A. January 18, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

    definitely a mix–i went out for sushi lunch with tim (relaxing) and wrote report cards (productive!)


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