Snow day banana bread

19 Jan

I will take an opportunity I’m given to bake. This banana bread was one of the 3 projects I tackled on my recent snow day. Surprise, surprise, another Hungry Girl recipe. I love banana bread and baked goods of any kind. But, when I started Weight Watchers, for the most part, I gave up on having quick breads and muffins as part of my every day diet. They tend to be way too high in fat and calories to enjoy on a regular basis (but of course, as I always say – in moderation, anything can be part of a healthy diet). In reality, many muffins/quick breads have as many (or more) calories than desserts!

Thank goodness for Hungry Girl. She and her team renovate recipes so we can enjoy our favourites in a slimmed-down version, perfect for every day life. Now…I’m not going to lie. This doesn’t exactly taste like classic banana bread, what your mom or grandma would make. It is good, and I really enjoy it; but the recipe has no fat or sugar in it…you can’t expect miracles! On the upside? Serving size is HUGE…one serving is a slice that is 1/8 of the loaf – pretty generous – and with 140 calories and almost 4 grams of fibre, that’s only 2 WW points (on the old system)…not too shabby! Some of this loaf will be eaten fresh, but most will go into the freezer to be enjoyed later on as part of a quick breakfast or a snack. My favourite way to enjoy it is as a snack spread with a tablespoon of Better ‘n Peanut Butter (this a product I discovered via Hungry Girl that, sadly, I haven’t been able to find in Canada, so I buy in the US when I can). You can’t beat the combo of PB and banana! For about the same calorie count, just use 1/2 tbsp of regular or low fat peanut butter.

Thanks to the snow day, I now have 8 servings of a healthy breakfast or snack waiting for me. 🙂 What’s your favourite quick bread recipe?

2 Responses to “Snow day banana bread”


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