Snowy Saturday Splurge

30 Jan

After 3 weeks of reading HHH, you may think that I eat healthily all the time. This is what I strive for, but it’s certainly not reality. I am a firm believer in the 80/20 rule (or 90/10, 70/30)…eat healthily for 80% of the time, so you can enjoy what you want to the other 20% of the time. Last night was definitely the other 20%!

My mom and I were supposed to be going to Toronto for a concert and to stay overnight, but snowy weather changed our plans. We decided to go to David’s, a local, upscale restaurant located on the shore of Lake Erie. As I said to my mom at dinner, I have been pretty “good” with my eating since Christmas, so it was nice to indulge for once. To start, we each had Caesar salad. At the server’s recommendation, we opted to split a salad, since she said the whole serving was pretty big (and she was right – what you see above is a half order!). I LOVE authentic Caesar salad, but rarely indulge because of it’s high calorie content – but this salad was worth every bite! The dressing was delicious, and the Parmesan cheese and warm bacon didn’t hurt either. We decided just to go the appetizer route, since the appetizers looked more appealing than the entrees last night. David’s has a “build your own cheese plate” option, where they have a list of cheeses to choose from and you pick four. All of the options are Canadian, and the four we chose (sorry – forget all the names) were delicious. As you can see, the cheeses were served with fruit and crostini.

My mom and I each chose another appetizer after the cheese plate. She had coconut shrimp (which she loved) and I got the Cassis seared Duck Breast served on smoked Ontario bacon polenta. I’ve only discovered duck in the last few years, but I really enjoy it. It is all dark meat (which is my favourite), so it has a nice, rich flavour. The polenta and the fruity sauce complemented it perfectly. Ordering 3 appetizers meant there was plenty of room for dessert, 🙂 since we weren’t stuffed from eating a large entree.

We decided to share dessert – but we didn’t share just one dessert – we shared two! 🙂


Our first choice – key lime pie – was a no-brainer. This is David’s signature dessert and it never disappoints. It has a classic graham cracker crust, a rich and creamy, yet tangy filling, and a fluffy meringue topping. For our second dessert, we chose the chocolate meringue cake. It had thing layers of chocolate meringue, layered with a caramel buttercream and topped off with chocolate ganache and a to-die-for caramel sauce. Both desserts were AMAZING!

This dinner is certainly not a meal I could eat on a regular basis – but most certainly worth every bite. And since we didn’t get one large entree, I left not feeling over-stuffed (which, unfortunately, left me room for chips and a few other snacks when I went over to a friend’s house later :P). And even though it was indulgent, I like to think I made some smart choices: halving the Caesar salad; choosing the cheese plate, which is a filling protein and calcium packed choice; and not consuming an entire entree.

As I’ve said before, dining out is difficult for me. I am really trying to get better at savouring every bite, and not feeling guilty afterward. After all, for someone who makes healthy choices on a day-to-day basis, one indulgent meal (plus a few snacks after) won’t ruin anything, right? I am trying to cut a few calories today (and likely will tomorrow) to compensate for my little splurge. I really did enjoy the meal, and I’m trying to conquer the insecurities that can fill me with regret (one day at a time).  Everything I ate at dinner was delicious, and worth the splurge (that is one thing I’ve learned, and try to put into practice – if something is not a “10,” don’t eat it – it’s not worth it!).

I could go on and on (blogging is cheaper than therapy, lol), but I think I’ll stop there for now. How do you deal with post-restaurant regret? Do you have any favourite dining out splurges?

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