Eat fat to lose fat

1 Feb

There are some foods that I like, I know are healthy, but I don’t eat that often because they tend to be higher in fat/calories – foods such as nuts or avocados. While I love both of them, and they are chock full of flavour and heart-healthy fats, the higher calorie price tag keeps me from eating them on a regular basis, which is a shame really, as they’re delicious. A couple of weeks ago, I bought an avocado to use in a recipe to make for dinner guests. The dinner was cancelled, so the avocado sat in my fridge.

As you know, I’m not one to waste food if I can help it, so last weekend I resolved to use the avocado in my fridge. I used 3/4 of it to make a nourishing hair masque from a spa book I had (I believe the recipe was for a whole avocado (I didn’t use it all because I wanted to eat some!), 1 teaspoon or two of oil, and some grated ginger). It was the perfect thing for dry, frizzy winter hair and made my hair feel wonderful (not so fun to clean out of the bathtub though) :P!

For supper last Sunday, I used the remaining 1/4 avocado in one of the most flavourful wraps I’ve made in a long time. I still had some leftover ham to use up too, so I diced up 2 ounces and threw that in. For the same recipe that I had bought the avocado for, I had also purchased a jalapeno pepper. I charred it under the broiler, diced it up and threw half in the wrap (the other half went in the spicy/sweet slaw you see on the side). I diced up a bit of diced pineapple and that went in the wrap too (and a bit in the slaw), as well as some sliced red onion. I seasoned with salt and pepper and added some BBQ sauce. Let me tell you – that combination of flavours – sweet, hot, smoky, spicy and textures – creamy and crisp was phenomenal! And the slaw I made on the side (dressing was light Miracle whip, salsa, vinegar, lime juice, cumin and splenda) with broccoli slaw mix, diced fresh peppers as well as the charred jalapeno, pineapple and onions – was a great complement. I also had some mashed, cooked squash on the side.

As for the title of the post, you may have heard this before, but it is important not to eliminate fat from your diet when you want to lose weight. It is an important nutrient for your body, and if you don’t get enough of it, your body can over-compensate and hold onto whatever fat you do get, preventing weight loss. So healthy fats are key to a healthy diet! I learned that on WW – I can testify that having 2 tsp of olive oil a day helped me achieve my goal weight. I had reached a weight loss plateau and adding the oils really did boost my weight loss.

So, in conclusion – don’t be scared of fatty foods (as long as they’re the good fats). Maybe I will try to use avocado more in the future. Do you have any healthy, but fatty foods you avoid? Any tips on incorporating these kinds of food in your diet?

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