Winging it

9 Feb

As I mentioned earlier, I was nervous about all the food and festivities coming up for this past weekend. On the agenda were a trip to a Wing Restaurant and a Super Bowl Party. Well, the Super Bowl Party got canceled, and the wing place turned out better than I thought it would….here’s how I survived.

After watching my cousin play hockey in Aylmer, we went to Cy’s – a bowling alley and restaurant, which has been voted to have the best chicken wings in Ontario. I did my usual trick of browsing the menu online first – and everything I saw was either fried or covered in cheese – no soups or salads in sight! I figured the evening would pretty much be a healthy-eating write-off…practicing the 80/20 rule for sure!

But after perusing the menu at the restaurant, one item stuck out to me that I hadn’t noticed before – the grilled chicken sandwich. Ordered without mayo, this made a totally reasonable supper! When the veggies and dip came, I nibbled on some carrots and celery (I tried to keep the dip to a minimum as I knew it wouldn’t be low fat :P).  I also tried one wing (they are Ontario’s best, after all) while I was waiting for my sandwich (it came over 10 minutes after everyone else’s food…we ended up getting it for free). While I do enjoy wings, I was actually fairly content with my grilled chicken sandwich.

I sill maintain that no food should be “off-limits” in a healthy diet. However, wings are a true splurge. I remember my Weight Watchers leader once saying something like “I don’t like to say any food is “bad,” but wings, well….they’re pretty bad.” I mean, think about the ratio of skin to meat, the deep frying, and all that sauce (sorry if I just wrecked chicken wings for you). I do enjoy wings once in a while, but they are an indulgence I try to limit as much as possible (especially on the weekend, since I thought I had a Super Bowl party to go to, and knew I’d be eating out a couple of times in the coming week).

Like anything else, it’s all about finding what works with you. While I enjoy wings and appetizers, I’m truly a sweets person…so that’s where I love to splurge. But if wings are your fav….splurge on them, enjoy every bite…don’t feel food guilt, go right back to your usual healthy diet and you’ll be fine!

What are your favourite splurge foods?

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