Favourite Things: Funky Foods in a Can

10 Feb

Time for more of my favourite things! Today I am spreading the word about some more unusual foods. These are foods that you may not have heard of or ever used, and ones that I have only started using in the last year or two…and although I didn’t intend for this theme when I started the post, they are all from a can or a jar. And…bonus…you don’t have to cook any of them! I hope this post will broaden your culinary horizons and encourage you to try things you haven’t before, so here goes.

1. Capers

These little guys are a great flavour booster. I think what initially inspired me to try them is that they are a 0 point Weight Watchers Food (always a good thing). If you want to find out what capers actually are, click here. Capers have a really salty, briny flavour that taste great in all sorts of dishes. I like them in tomato-based veggie and pasta dishes, you can also throw them into a salad. I don’t enjoy olives, but I love the salty flavour that capers add to a dish (heads up – you may want to cut back on salt if you’re adding capers, as they do pack a punch). Capers are sold in small jars usually around where the pickles/pickled vegetables are in the grocery store.

2. Hearts of Palm

I’m trying to remember why I first tried these…I think maybe I saw them featured in a recipe in Rachael Ray magazine? Hearts of palm are unique in flavour and texture….I think I’ve heard them described as a cross between asparagus and artichokes? That’s as close as I can come up with. Again, here’s a link if you want to read more. Like the capers, they are 0 points. I mostly use them in salads….it adds something different, and switches it up from your usual veggies. But according to the article I linked to above, you can blend them up in spreads….interesting! Again…sold in the pickles area, right by capers.

3. Artichoke Hearts

I am not just doing a heart theme since it’s close to Valentine’s Day…I “heart” these as well (I crack myself up). Artichoke hearts are becoming a bit more common I think, probably because of all the yummy artichoke dips out there (try this one from Hungry Girl….seriously YUM). I think I first bought them because a Pampered Chef recipe I was making called for them (I used to be a consultant). The recipe was called “elegant artichoke cups” and it was always a hit when I made them. But in terms of more day to day things, artichokes taste great when added to pasta dishes, or in salads. They also make a great pizza topper. Another HG favourite artichoke recipe of mine? Her artichoke hummus is just out of this world…I love to have it on hand during the summer…yum! Artichokes are found in the same part of the grocery store as the capers and hearts of palm.

Do you have any favourite ways of using these foods? Or any other funky canned foods we need to know about? Please share!

3 Responses to “Favourite Things: Funky Foods in a Can”

  1. Catherine M.A. February 12, 2011 at 4:29 pm #

    Thanks for this inspiring post–now I really want to try using all three…hearts of palm in particular! Are they actually made from palm trees?

    • hungryhealthyhilary February 12, 2011 at 5:10 pm #

      You are welcome! Yes, they are from palm trees…check out the article I linked to in the post!


  1. Time Warp « hungryhealthyhilary - March 3, 2011

    […] mini tomatoes, red pepper, 4 slices diced light deli ham, a handful of broccoli slaw and two of my funky canned favourites: capers and artichoke hearts. Doesn’t that sound yummy? I sprinkled it all with dill […]

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