Keepin’ it real

12 Feb

So you might think that, given the name of this blog, and based on the posts I write, that I’ve got the whole healthy eating thing down pat. I have all these healthy ideas, buy and make all this healthy food, go to the gym, run races…I’ve got it all figured out, right? Wrong! I strive to make healthy choices when I can, but I am human just like the rest of you and I LOVE FOOD…and don’t always make the best choices. I want this blog to be honest, and while I love sharing tips, tricks and successes with you, I also want to share the not-so-shining moments in terms of healthy eating with you so you can see me being real….and who I am. Do I think that off-track evenings will wreck my diet? Not at all…remember the 80/20 rule? I’m not going to say I don’t feel any guilt after going off the rails, but I’m working on it….anyways…onto last night’s eats.

I went to Hamilton to help my sister and brother-in-law with a ministry at their church called Amazing Moms…its basically a night out for single moms in their church, with some sort of activity and a nice meal. Catherine and Tim always do the food (that’s what I made the maple cupcakes for last month). This month, they asked me to make layered cookie mix with the ladies for the activity, and of course, I also volunteered to make dessert.

Cat and I met up after school, and she was thoughtful enough to greet me with a skinny caramel macchiato 🙂 (I have the best sister ever, it’s true). We got stuff ready at her house, then headed over to the church. My first downfall of the evening was m&ms and raisins…the cookie mix we made was “Hearty Trail Mix Cookies,” which contain coconut, raisins and m&ms. I had everything set up early, and all the ingredients were staring me in the face. You try being alone with giant bowls of raisins and m&ms and see if you don’t eat any!!!!

C and T made pizza and salad for dinner….but not just any pizza and salad. The one kind was Mediterranean…it had tomato sauce, big chunks of feta, grilled chicken, olives on half (I went olive-less!) and was topped of with arugula….yummy! The other piece was AMAZING….they got the recipe from a Super Bowl party they were at….the sauce was a mix of pesto and cream cheese, topped with slices of pear, caramelized onions, brie cheese and pine nuts…it had a lot going on and it was awesome! And the salad had tons of toasted almonds, pears, and goat cheese. Now, the above plate looks like a reasonable serving….but when the leftovers came back down to the kitchen, I definitely picked at more salad, the bits of stuff that had fallen off the pizza…and there was one slice left of the brie/pear pizza….I ate most of it :0.

Even though I knew they were delicious, I was sort of relieved that there weren’t any of the double chocolate coconut cookies I had made for dessert. So we cleaned up and went home….I ate a couple of selections from the always-well-stocked candy jar at Cat and Tim’s house….so not too bad of an evening, right? Then Tim pulled out a piece of the birthday cake I had made him in September that I never got to try (gingerbread cake with brown sugar cream cheese frosting and pralines!!!!) and we shared that (Tim shares my deep and profound love for dessert). So not the most glorious Friday in terms of eating healthy :P, but it won’t kill me, right?

I started today out with a run in downtown Hamilton, and after a delightful visit to the Hamilton Farmer’s Market, I went home and made a healthy lunch (Hungry Girl’s fettucini girl-fredo topped with loads of veggies and some low fat cheese….then a healthy HG drink and later a pear to snack on) and I’ve got a healthy dinner planned for tonight.

Another downfall of the day? Brownie batter! I made a BIG batch of brownies today (post to come on that later) and man that batter is delicious….I don’t want to know really now much I ate! 80/20, 80/20, 80/20….right? (I wrote that 3 times because that’s what I’m telling myself over and over in my head). So I just wanted you all to see my struggles, and like the title says, I’m keepin’ it real….that’s how I want this blog to be….not a false persona of someone who just eats 100% healthy, but a girl who’s a foodie who loves to eat, tries to make the best choices she can, but digs in sometimes to things that are thoroughly UN-healthy…that pretty much sums me up! More to come this weekend…stay tuned!

2 Responses to “Keepin’ it real”

  1. Catherine M.A. February 15, 2011 at 7:13 am #

    It’s easy to be nice to you, Hilary…when you are so nice to me!!
    Love you


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    […] “healthy.” While I love to occasionally indulge in some more decadent pizzas (see: last Friday), most Fridays if I’m at home, I make my own healthy creations. Yesterday’s was a real […]

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