Training update and Shout-outs

28 Feb

Saturday was the latest long run in my half marathon training – 9 miles (14.5 km). It went pretty well overall – as usual, I wish my time was quicker (it took me about an hour and 50 minutes). The weather was perfect, I was actually getting pretty hot by the middle of the run. I’m really enjoying my most recently-purchased audiobook, Decision Points by George W. Bush. Regardless of what you think of him, it makes an interesting read (or listen) and anyone who has been a U.S. President has had a huge impact on the world (plus, one of my majors was political science, so it is especially interesting to me).

The picture at right is my gear all laid out the night before the marathon last fall – only a little over 2 months until I’m racing again! When I ran the marathon, I did the run/walk method (run 10 minutes, walk 1) at the recommendation of my friend who was also training. Once you get over the hang-up of “I’m going to run this whole thing,” it’s a great way to go. I found it made a huge difference in my training, the long runs are not nearly so exhausting that way!

As for the Shout-Out part of the title, I want to give some love to some good articles I read and share some links to some great blog posts….as well as exciting stuff that’s coming up…so here goes!

1. The latest President’s Choice Insider’s Report is out. And this is the “healthy” edition, as the cover says “helping you live life well.” I love PC Blue Menu products and there are some great-looking new ones that I’m excited to try, which include: extra-virgin avocado oil, Mediterranean Herb Turkey Filet, Light Goat Cheese, Light Brie (which I had on Friday’s pizza), light Swiss cheese slices, light Alfredo sauce, chipotle chicken quesadillas, baked lentil crisps and PC Greek Yogurt. I’ll keep you updated as I try them!

2. If I want to increase my speed while training for my half, then tempo runs are an important part of my training. Here’s a good article I read a couple of weeks ago (found via Carrots ‘n Cake) about what they are and how to do them right (I “sort of” did my own tempo run last week…10 minutes at 5.0 mph, 20 minutes at 6.0 mph, a minute at 5 again, then reduced speed and cranked up the incline to 10…not exactly a tempo run, but sort of).

3. The Importance of Proper Training I thought this was a great post about the different types of runs you need to incorporate when training for a longer race. The author shares about how she was training but still not getting the results she wanted…and I can totally relate. I hope to use this article in my training and hopefully it will help my times improve (updates to come)!

4. If you’re looking for something less healthy, these hot cocoa blocks look like a fun project. They look totally cute and I bet they’d make a great gift for someone!

Happy Monday….hope it’s a great week!

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