Gooey, Guilt-free Goodness

1 Mar

Remember how I told you I’d post about some of my favourite guilt-free dessert fixes? Well, this is one of them. At first glance, the ingredients in the photo at the right may seem to be a bit random. Splenda, cinnamon, marshmallow Peeps, butter spray, light tortillas, chocolate and a frying plan? But they combine to make one of my favourite treats – the s’more dessert quesadilla! Oh yea baby…I came up with this one all by myself, and it’s a good one! To quote my dear friend Megan: “If you ever open a restaurant, you should put this on the menu,” (she said it, I’m not making it up)! Now that I’m revealing the recipe to you all, will you still come if I open a restaurant? 😉

Creating this gooey goodness is surprisingly easy. Preheat a small non-stick frying pan on medium high heat. Spritz one side of the tortilla with butter spray. Sprinkle evenly with cinnamon and Splenda. Slice up the Peeps (side note here…I have a mild *fascination* with Peeps that started back in my University rez…if you don’t have Peeps, you can just use 3 tbsp of marshmallow creme, I often do that). I should note though that the Peeps add a nice seasonal element, and the sugar on the outside gets extra toasty when it hits the pan – for one serving, I used two bunnies (and don’t worry, even though you’re eating rabbits, it doesn’t taste too game-y 😛 ). After slicing the Peeps, chop up the chocolate. I typically use any chocolate that’s worth 1 or 2 “old” WW points (a 100 calorie bar, small chocolate or a Weight Watchers chocolate).

Place the tortilla on a plate, spritzed side facing down. Evenly distribute the chocolate and Peep pieces over one half of the un-spritzed side of the tortilla (if using marshmallow creme, spread it on first, then sprinkle over the chocolate pieces). Fold the other half of the tortilla over the marshmallow and chocolate pieces, place in the frying pan. Let cook until golden-brown (about a minute – watch carefully!), then flip over and brown the other side. Remove from the pan to your plate and enjoy (make sure you have a napkin)! Extra-good with a cup of tea or low fat hot chocolate.

Try this…you will LOVE it!

5 Responses to “Gooey, Guilt-free Goodness”

  1. Firefly March 1, 2011 at 5:52 pm #

    Love anything guilt free LOL that looks really good 🙂

  2. Jordan March 6, 2011 at 11:12 am #

    LOVE this one :)I would come and eat at your restaurant if you opened one for sure!


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