Favourite Things: 100 calorie pack accessories

2 Mar

I love 100 calorie packs. Can you believe we ever lived without them? But when you think about it, it’s really only been a few years since these things came around. That being said, sometimes 100 calorie packs need a little help. Although they are designed to be a snack, let’s be honest – 100 calorie packs are not always that satisfying on their own. If I am really hungry, I turn to something more substantial, something with protein and fibre to fill me up. But I still eat 100 calorie packs – I just like to glam them up a bit first. With a little back-up from a supporting player, a 100 calorie pack goes from ho-hum to something special (and still keeps calories low). Here are some of my top tips:

1. 100 calorie cookies + marshmallow creme

Oh, how I love marshmallow creme. It’s totally fat free, about 20 calories per tablespoon and fluff-i-licious…what’s not to love? This stuff makes a great dip for 100 calorie cookie packs (any flavour). Just put 2 or 3 tbsp in a little bowl (use a small one so it looks like more), open up that cookie bag and dip away…your cookies won’t know what him ’em!

2. 100 calorie cookies + sugar-free pudding cups (and maybe a little bit of Cool Whip too)

Another thing I love? Jello sugar-free refrigerated pudding cups! They are only 60 calories and fat free. Take that bag of 100 calorie cookies and crush ’em up (you choose whether you want fine crumbs or a chunkier texture). Mix the pudding cup and the crumbles in a nice dessert bowl and you’re ready to enjoy. But do you want to take things up another notch? Add a few tablespoons of fat free Cool Whip to the pudding before you stir in the cookies. This makes for a fluffier, mousse-like texture. Mmmm!

3. Salty Snack Mix and Match

This is one I haven’t done for a while, but it’s a good one! Who doesn’t like snack mix? My favourite kind is the one with Cheetos, Doritos, Sun Chips and pretzels, but I never buy it because this stuff is SO GOOD and once you start, it’s hard to stop (which reminds me of a funny commercial I’ve seen for Special K Cracker Chips….the girl says that’s why they’re called chips: because you can’t eat just one…lol). Anyways, I digress. Fortunately for me (and snack mix lovers everywhere), all of the above ingredients come in 100 calorie packs (well, I don’t know if pretzels do in Canada…but you can use pretzels from a big bag)! So make your own! Just open a bag each of the ingredients (or 2 bags if you want to make a bigger batch) and mix it together. Then divide up into the same number of mini ziploc bags as the number of 100 calorie packs that you opened (ie, if you used 4 100 calorie packs, but your snack mix into 4 ziploc bags. If you are using pretzels from a big bag, just look at the serving size/nutrition info on the back of the bag and use about 100 calories-worth of pretzels. Voila – you’ve just created your own custom 100 calorie snack mix! Bonus? If there’s something in snack mix you don’t care for (I know a lot of people leave the pretzels behind), you can leave it out!

4. 100 calorie chocolate bar as a supporting actor

Sometimes 100 calorie packs don’t have to be the main event. They can play second fiddle in delicious dishes – such is the case of the 100 calorie chocolate bar. They can be used as an integral part of the dessert quesadilla. Cadbury Thins work beautifully in s’mores because of their flat nature. You can melt down the bars and use them as a dip for fruit, or stirred into pudding (you can also chop them up and use like cookies in #2).

So there you have it – 4 ways to use and improve 1oo calorie packs. A quick fix makes a good thing even better – give it a try!

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