Time Warp

3 Mar

Ok…try to keep up with me. I’m writing this post on Wednesday that is going to be posted on Thursday that is about my breakfast on Wednesday and my lunch on Thursday which I made on Wednesday…did you follow all that? That’s one of the wonders of blogging…you can write posts in advance (which is what I often do). That’s why you get new posts coming up during the day when I am working. Sorry if that confused you…now onto the good stuff: food!

Yesterday I worked a half day so I had a bit more time for breakfast…this meant: oatmeal! But not just any oatmeal: chocolate chai pear oatmeal! Oh yeah…and it was as good as it sounds. Here’s how to make it: I did the same basic method as for my apple cinnamon oatmeal, but with a few tweaks. I used chocolate almond milk instead of vanilla. And instead of the water, I used leftover brewed chai tea for the liquid in the oatmeal. Instead of cinnamon, I added Epicure Poudre Douce (LOVE this stuff…it’s got a great spicy/chai flavour…perfect for oatmeal, baking, and it’s great in my pumpkin spice latte) to the oatmeal. I cooked a pear instead of an apple, and I cooked it in chai tea instead of water and again, Poudre Douce instead of cinnamon. I added vanilla to the oatmeal again and also a spoonful of unsweetened cocoa (if you love chocolate, you should really try cocoa powder…it adds a deep chocolate flavour for minimal calories…I use it in lots of drinks (hot and cold), this oatmeal, even mixed into yogurt sometimes (especially good with raspberries)). The result of all this tinkering? A spicy, chocolate-y bowl of oatmeal goodness!

I also used my extra time on my morning off to make today’s lunch (well, as I’m typing this, it’s tomorrow’s, but it will be today’s when you read this…confused yet?). I wish I’d taken a better picture to capture this amazing salad I made…I’m so excited to eat it! Here’s what went in (it’s a long list): spinach, green beans, red onion, mushrooms, rainbow mini tomatoes, red pepper, 4 slices diced light deli ham, a handful of broccoli slaw and two of my funky canned favourites: capers and artichoke hearts. Doesn’t that sound yummy? I sprinkled it all with dill seasoning, salt and pepper. My dressing is a combo of olive oil, fat-free Italian dressing, Dijon mustard, white wine vinegar and just a touch of Splenda. I know it’s a salad…but like I said…I’m excited to eat it (does that mean I need a life?)! To accompany this healthy deliciousness, I packed a cheese string, 100 calorie fibre one bar and 2 Source yogurts (from the super fruits collection)….wouldn’t it be great if eating super fruits gave you super powers? 😀

What are your favourite packed lunches? If time was no object, what would you make for your lunch box? I don’t eat a lot of salads in the winter (they make me cold), so I hope it’s not too chilly outside today/I don’t have outdoor yard duty! 😛

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