Please eat responsibly!

5 Mar

It’s that time of year again….Easter candy is popping up everywhere (actually it has been for almost a month now…I first saw some before Valentine’s Day). You may think that in order to maintain a healthy diet, you need to avoid this stuff like the plague…after all, it’s all empty calories with no nutritional benefits, right? While this is true, I am a die-hard sweet tooth and dessert lover. I believe that in moderation, Easter candy can fit into any eating plan!

I love Cadbury mini eggs. There’s just something about that crunchy shell and creamy milk chocolate that’s just so perfect. You may say that it’s the same as m&ms or Smarties…but I beg to differ….there’s just something magical about mini eggs that those other candies can’t compete with.

A few years back, Cadbury introduced popping mini eggs, which I loved. Not only were they fun to eat, you could savor them longer while the candy popped away, and their nutritional stats were lower than the regular ones (I’m not quite sure why). You used to be able to enjoy a small bag of the popping eggs for just 3 WW points, where the regular ones would run you 4 or 5. Sadly, within the last 2 years, the stats have gone up for the popping eggs, so a mini bag is 4 “old” WW points (higher, but still not bad). These mini bags present a great way to enjoy your eggs because they’re portion controlled. A tip if you really want to enjoy and savour your eggs (or any good chocolate) is to make a cup of tea or coffee, then sip and savor each egg….letting the hot liquid slowly melt each one. Don’t just mindlessly shovel them in!

As you can see from the above photo, I took the plunge and bought a big bag (I was really craving mini eggs last weekend, then saw them in a drug store and gave in). I try not to enjoy them straight from the bag…that’s asking for trouble! I’ve figured out that 1 old WW point = about 4 mini eggs. So I decide ahead of time how many I’m going to have, count them out, then put them in a little bowl and enjoy. This way I fulfill my craving without stuffing my face!

I’ve already told you about my love for Marshmallow Peeps. These fluffy little critters come in a variety of colours and different animals/shapes depending on the season. You can eat them as is, float them in hot chocolate for a fun alternative to marshmallows, make your own peep-a-licious s’mores, or a delicious dessert quesadilla. And being fat free, and only about 30 calories each (stats vary depending on what size/shape of Peep you’re getting), you don’t have a lot to regret with these guys.

The one upside of Easter candy (and Halloween too, for that matter)? A lot of it is miniature. Meaning you can eat a fun-sized egg/chocolate bar/pack of jelly beans, get your fix, but not stuff your face. Let’s face it – it’s going to be a long stretch to Easter. You’re bound to cave some time…why not enjoy small treats along the way, rather than depriving yourself and then binging and ending up with major food guilt and a sugar coma?

*One note before I close this post. I will be honest, the advice I listed above is what I feel is the smartest way to indulge in Easter candy. I do my best to follow it, but I haven’t always in the past. There have been plenty of family Easter gatherings with big bowls of these things where I’ve started munching and can’t stop. As I always say, I am only human and I LOVE food! I struggle with this stuff every Easter….so I hope this year I take my own advice (and you do too)!

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