Fiesta con pollo

29 Mar


I was searching for a creative title for this post, and kept coming up short….so I turned to my Spanish knowledge (fun fact: I was a Spanish major until my third year of University, when I switched my second major to Political Science due to lack of course availability) for something creative….for those of you who don’t hablar much Español, the title means “party with chicken.” Doesn’t have the same ring, eh? Why the Spanish? Because I used my leftover chicken from the weekend to make a delicious Mexican supper on Monday. As you can see from the photo above, I combined the chicken and rice with refried beans and wraps (and other ingredients) to make some tasty burritos. How did I do it? Let’s get started!

I finely chopped a HUGE clove of garlic, a bit of green pepper and part of an onion (why the pink tinge? I had previously chopped some beets which will appear in the final meal shot). I sauteed the veggies in a tsp of olive oil, then added some Epicure Pueblo Bean Dip Mix, Salsa Mix, and Nacho Cheese Dip Mix (if you don’t have these, you could just use chili powder and cumin). I chopped the chicken, and added it to the skillet along with the little bit of leftover rice and a bit of salsa, seasoned with salt, and cooked it all together for a few minutes.IMG_0605






I spread half a cup of refried beans over the wraps (note: this was the first time I bought organic refried beans…the can said “lightly” salted…they needed some help, so I topped them with garlic salt, cumin, and more dip seasonings). Then, I put the filling over that. I folded/wrapped up the tortillas (fold the ends in first so the filling doesn’t gush out, then roll up), put a thin layer of salsa over the bottom of my baking dish, put the burritos on top, topped with more salsa and a bit of light Tex-Mex shredded cheese. I baked for about 1/2 hour at 350 until the cheese was nice and melt-y and everything was heated through.

IMG_0609The result of my Mexican madness? DELICIOUS! As I was eating this, I thought “it’s been a while since I made Mexican at home…I need to do it more often ‘cause it tastes SO good!” And since the chicken was already chipotle-flavored, it went perfectly in these burritos. On the side, I enjoyed boiled beets (I didn’t peel them, ‘cause it’s way easier and I don’t mind the peel) and cut them smaller before cooking so they’d cook faster and a salad with a sort of Southwest dressing I made (olive oil, Italian dressing, red wine vinegar, salsa, light BBQ sauce, liquid smoke and the various Epicure seasonings, then just slightly sweetened). Take a close look at the salad. See the bean sprouts in there? Remember how I told you about how I try and avoid buying bags of them ‘cause they go slimy so quickly? Well, no less than 2 days after I wrote that post, my mom bought a whole bag! She had company over on Saturday while I was out and made stir-fry….well, having that bag in the fridge just makes my mind work harder to think of ways to use them up before they head into slimy territory. They were in a salad at lunch yesterday, and again at supper (they brought a little Asian to the Tex-Mex party).

Do you ever make Mexican food at home? Any favourite dishes/recipes/ingredients? And any good ideas for using up bean sprouts (besides the obvious)? There are still some left!

One Response to “Fiesta con pollo”

  1. Katie @ Real Food Katie's Way March 31, 2011 at 10:22 pm #

    Just catching up on posts…Pfew it’s been a busy week!

    I have a craving for beets now….mMmMm!!

    One of my favorite Epicure spices is the pueblo bean dip mix…

    Truthfully I don’t do enough mexican inspired cooking…I might have to change that after seeing this AMAZING supper!

    Sorry…Other than asian inspired dishes, I dont have much in way of ideas for bean sprout dishes…They would add a nice crunch to wraps or pitas….Other than that, I got nothing my dear!

    PS I got your email and have been meaning to respond…It’s on my list babe!

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