Summer…is that you?

12 Apr


The weather here was so unbelievably nice on Sunday. I went to church and came home, and it was nice out, but I actually ended up spending most of the afternoon inside. So when I went outside to light the BBQ for supper, I couldn’t believe how nice it was outside….WOW! And I believe there is no other meal better for warm weather than burgers. Sunday’s Mediterranean chicken burger was an original creation, but one that I DEFINATELY want to make again! Just look at the bad boy…so many layers of flavour! Read on for the 411 on how to make one for yourself. I was home alone, so increase your quantities accordingly if you’re cooking for more than one person.IMG_0720

In my patty were the following ingredients: about 3 or 4 ounces lean ground chicken, garlic salt, pepper, Pampered Chef Greek seasoning (I’m sure you could substitute Italian seasoning or oregano/basil), 3 finely chopped sundried tomatoes, 1/2 ounce crumbled light feta cheese and a bit of Dijon mustard. I used my hands to mix it all together – gotta get down and dirty!


I grilled the patty on high heat, along with 2 slices of eggplant (I would have used one, but it was a small eggplant), sprayed with PAM and then seasoned with Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. I flipped the burger/eggplant slices once, reduced heat slightly, and grilled until cooked through.


But the party’s just getting started with that patty – check out all the goodness that I have to top it off with! I’ve got a nice big slice of tomato, somIMG_0723e sliced onion, the grilled eggplant of course, arugula (sidenote: I need to eat arugula more…I love the peppery bite! Sadly, it’s not consistently available at my grocery store, so I’m glad summer’s coming up so I can plant some in my garden) and PC Blue Menu Tzatziki dip. I’ve been meaning to blog about this stuff for a while now…I have a mild obsession. It is SO good as a dip for veggies (or chips/pitas) and it was absolutely divine on my Mediterranean buIMG_0721rger. Get some for yourself ASAP so you can try it out!

I also made beet chips on the side. Oh…beet chips, the saga continues. On the bright side, I didn’t burn them this time.However, even though I rotated the pans…half of them got brownish (a touch more than I wanted) and the other half weren’t crispy. Made beet chips and I aren’t meant to be? They still tasted yummy though, so I ate them all.

You can see in the photo that I also made a slaw on the side – it was sort of a smoky ranch slaw. It was good but not GREAT, so I’m not going to bother with all of the details – the dressing hat ranch dip mix, plain yogurt, Miracle Whip, vinegar, jalapeno pickle vinegar and cumin (I think that’s it) and it was a broccoli slaw base with some other veggies added.IMG_0725

As soon as I stepped outside to grill I came to one conclusion: I must eat dessert outside, and it must be ice cream. I was going to be bold and pull out a piece of lawn furniture or two, but then I opened the shed and saw the tall piles, and I decided the permanently-hanging front porch swing would be just fine.


The ice cream in question? Well, it was a sundae made with half a cup of PC caramel pecan crunch fro yo, half of a banana sliced up, a crumbled low-fat biscotti-type cookie that had been in my cupboard for WAY too long, sugar-free chocolate syrup and topped off with a generous squirt of my Buffalo-bought fat-free Reddi Whip. Oh yeah! This was good….actually better than I was expecting….I was kind of indecisive when deciding what I wanted for dessert, and this was DEFINATELY the right decision. You know what made it even better (besides that fact that I was eating it outside on the front porch swing in April? I brought my ipod along and listened to some Jack Johnson. I love Jack. And his music just screams (well, as much as Jack can scream in his wonderful mellow ways) summer to me, do you agree?IMG_0729

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. And my sundae glass was empty all too soon. It was good while it lasted though, and I know there will be more sundaes, burgers and Jack Johnson as the weather keeps getting warmer. Summer, come soon!

One Response to “Summer…is that you?”

  1. Suzy Eats April 12, 2011 at 9:16 pm #

    it was such a teasse!! can’t wait for summer to come back

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