A quick bite…

16 Apr


Today’s post is gonna be short and sweet, as it’s a busy weekend for me – the first of my fun-food-filled events: Eat Drink Norfolk last night, followed by a late night grocery run and chicken-cooking session. The groceries/chicken were for today’s lunch – part of an all-day moving session with my sister and brother-in-law. Since I’m running every which way, I’m just going to give you a few food-related highlights and cool links, then come back tomorrow for a fuller update…okay? (Not like you have a choice in the matter Smile with tongue out).

I made these delicious delights (see photo above) again on Thursday…not for me….for my friend Megan’s husband’s birthday (he was kinda obsessed with them when I made them the first time).  But, well, you see, there were so many that didn’t look quite perfect, so I may have had to trim them, and, um, well, I couldn’t let those edges go to waste….and then at the end, there was just one lonely little square that wouldn’t fit in the container….so I fit it in me! Embarrassed smile Good thing these guys are going out of my house….DANGER ZONE!

Here are two cool links from Serious Eats that made me smile…thought you would get a kick out of them too.

The first is especially for my fellow Canucks. I’ve blogged about the foods I like to buy in the US, but I never would have thought that Americans had foods they’d come here for! The good folks at Serious Eats put together this slideshow of their top  Canadian finds. It’s good for a laugh….actually, I hardly eat any of the stuff on a regular basis, and none of it anything I find particularly exciting. Apparently, we have a great selection of chocolate bars?!?! But, c’mon, Timbits? We’ve got so much more to offer! How did they make it on the list and not Canadian maple syrup?

SE also put together this slideshow about 10 things to do with Peeps! As I’ve mentioned before, I have a mild Peeps obsession, which began in my dorm days in university. This slideshow makes me smile…even if you don’t like Peeps, check it out!

Last night’s eats were delicious! I definitely ate too muchEmbarrassed smile….sigh, what else is new. But it was all seriously yum. Detailed recap to come, but for now, I will tantalize you with this pictureIMG_0788 (all the food was SO good, it was hard to pick just one for this post)….and that’s not the only dessert I ate! That’s the one thing about blogging your food: when reviewing all the snapshots, you realize just how much you ate! It’s not the best shot (and that is sort of the theme with my pictures), but with good reason – I was juggling food tickets, plate, glass, food, camera, wristlet….just be happy I got any photos!

IMG_0779And look at me…I made it up on stage(I’m the one on the right in the purple)! I am just going to keep you guessing for now as to what I’m doing…and I’ll explain it in a forthcoming post.

What do you think I’m doing in this photo? Leave your comment in the comments section! Stay tuned….MUCH more food and fun to come!

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