Friday, Faspa, Fun

23 Apr

Most of you are probably reading this title and wondering, “what on earth is faspa?” Well, according to this article, faspa is “a low-German, Mennonite term used for a typical late afternoon lunch that for generations has been served in Mennonite homes.” My Dad’s family is both German and Mennonite, so faspa was a concept we grew up with….it was typically a Sunday night meal after a big Sunday night lunch.

This year, my grandma opted for a Good Friday faspa get together instead of a big Easter dinner (the whole family will get together in a few weeks anyway for my grandpa’s 85th birthday, which I will sadly miss because I’ll be in Vegas).IMG_0858

What do you eat at faspa? Glad you asked! Here’s my plate: cold ham and salami, potato salad (lots of mayo, lots of eggs), marshmallow salad (with oranges, pineapple and coconut), paska (a special sweet yeast bread with dried fruit and icing that is ONLY made at Easter….so that makes it ok to have 3 pieces in one sitting, right?) and grammy buns (the two buns in the background….that’s a nickname that our family has given them). Wish I could say that was all that I wait, but I had second helpings of almost everything! Embarrassed smile….80/20, right?

So after faspa, there was an “after party” (not at all in the traditional sense of that term). My grandma’s get-together conflicted with my Aunt hosting her family, so my aunt and uncle and cousins and their adorable, fun kids weren’t at fospa Sad smile, but we were invited to stop by after the fact, which we did. My little cousins (ages ranging from 1.5 to 8) are so much fun, and it was great to catch up with their parents. I also ate more chocolate eggs than I choose to admitEmbarrassed smile (let’s just say there were 3 different kinds of eggs….your basic foil-covered chocolate ones, Lindor eggs and mini eggs….and I ate more than one of each kind) and an absolutely delicious, rich fudge-y square of some sort…I certainly did not need any of it, but Easter only comes once a year, right? Winking smileIMG_0852

On the plus side, I started my day with an 8 mile run (went pretty well, finished my audiobook, got out before church and got it done). I also had a healthy lunch (portabello and goat cheese panini and kale chips….classic). I did try new seasonings on the chips though: mix of garlic salt, cumin and smoked paprika – winning!

Another food and fun-related event that happened yesterday? Making these guys! You are looking at peanut butter cake and cupcakes with Skor on top…oh yeah! IMG_0857And the cupcakes are in Star Wars cupcake papers and toppers. My friend is having a family dinner for her husband’s birthday today, but doesn’t have a full oven at her apartment, and knows how much I love to bake, so she asked me to help make the cake/cupcakes for the big event….of course, I was only too happy to oblige. Winking smileMmmm…..this combo is so dangerously delicious, it’s a good thing these left the house right away! Of course, I had to sample the batter and icing and Skor pieces, just to make sure everything was ok, right? And one cake wasn’t quite flat, so we had to cut off the top….we had trouble figuring out what to do with it, but we managed to get rid of that excess cake somehow….any ideas what we did? Winking smile

So, if you were looking for healthy eating inspiration today, sorry, you’re out of luck! Yesterday (and really, most of this weekend, let’s be honest) aren’t going to be banner days in terms of self-control and healthfulness….but that’s what a healthy lifestyle is all about….healthy eating and good habits most of the time, so days like these don’t derail my efforts to achieve a healthy balance. And starting the day with a long run doesn’t hurt either!

Before I sign off, one thing to share. I thought this was a really good post, called Lessons in Self-Love from Oh She Glows. Self-confidence and acceptance are still things I struggle with and I’m learning to live with myself and love the skin I’m in, so I need all the inspiration I can get. Hope this article inspires you too!

How is your Easter weekend so far? Enjoying the time off? Any notable food splurges? I’m looking forward to Sunday’s cold ham dinner! Smile

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