Melty Mango

28 Apr


Remember that case of mangoes I bought? They’re all gone, by the way. The last of the fresh ones was in the fruit salad I ate Easter morning. I used the last frozen chunks in some ban-ango soft serve Tuesday night. But, due to Easter and other food goings-on, I didn’t share with you all of my mango experiments.

Of course, I did the things you’d expect with mango – like making smoothies, or mixing it with yogurt for breakfast. I also made a few more unconventional combos. The picture above is one such creation. What you see is the mango and the light English muffin. What’s hiding is the melted light brie cheese in between the two. To make this breakfast, I just toasted the English muffin, then sliced an ounce of light brie over it, topped with mango slices, and microwaved for about 30 seconds. I served it with extra mango on the side. I love any brie and fruit combination (really, any fruit and cheese combo is good in my books), so it was no surprise that this was totally delicious! I think the combo would also be great for lunch, grilled in a panini.IMG_0815

The mangoes also found their way into supper – on a BBQ chicken and mango pizza. Crust – usual suspect. My sauce was mainly BBQ sauce, mixed with a little salsa. I topped it with chopped mango, onion, red and green peppers, one cooked PC Blue Menu Herb and Garlic Chicken Skewer (chopped up) and an ounce of the light brie again, sliced.

I loved the sweet and slightly spicy combo of this pizza. The brie wasn’t really the star (I would have had to used a lot more to get the flavour to come through). I think if I was making this again, I’d probably just use cheddar. Still, it IMG_0816was a really tasty (and colourful) pizza. My sides were kale chips and a spicy/sweet slaw, also with mango in it (going with the theme).

So mango (and any other fruit) is not just for breakfast any more. Think outside the box – you’d be surprised what flavours go together! Do you have any unusual flavour combos you love? What flavours do you like to pair with fruit?

2 Responses to “Melty Mango”

  1. Deborah April 28, 2011 at 4:37 pm #

    I would have never thought to do mango and brie on an English muffin, but now I really want one!!

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