I. ate. all. weekend.

2 May

…..seriously, I’m not exaggerating, that’s what it feels like. Luckily, the oIMG_0938ne thing I did do this weekend besides eat was run a half marathon! So here’s the recap of the rest of the weekend and its eats. The ladies’ retreat was so much fun! As I said to my mom, it was a lot of eating (80/20 style) and gabbing, both of which I’m pretty darn good at. Winking smileI got to know some of the ladies at my church a little better, and enjoyed lots of laughs, as well as great praise and worship, and awesome speakers of the DVD we watched.

Friday night, as usual, we had our IMG_0939“junk food” buffet – everyone brings their favourite snack (the biscuit cake was a HUGE hit by the way). Just look at it all – of course there was the chocolate fountain, with fruit, angel food cake, marshmallows and pretzels to dip in it. Then there were various kinds of candy, chocolates and my biscuit cake. IMG_0937

There were also numerous chips and salty snacks, along with AMAZING layered Mexican dip, guacamole, and a spinach feta Greek cheese torta. SO MUCH FOOD….so little room in my stomach!

I won’t lie….I ate too much. I was up until 2:00 and filled my plate a couple of times at the beginning, then just kept wandering back for more. Embarrassed smileI’m not proud, but I really did have fun munching and chatting with all the girls. I tried to just get past it and move on.IMG_0940

I woke up just after 6 on Saturday (great, right?), but used the time to go for a LONG (an hour and 40 minutes) walk (I didn’t want to run since I had my race the next day). For the most part, I made smarter food choices on Saturday. For breakfast, there were ham and cheese and cinnamon-raisin apple stratas and fruit salad. I loaded up on the fruit and took a small piece of the apple-cinnamon strata (basically like a French toast).


Lunch was a sandwich “cake” (layers of bread with different fillings – ham, egg salad and veggie, frosted with cream cheese to look like a cake). I took a piece, skipped the pasta salad and chips, and loaded up on LOTS of veggies, and some pickles/pickled beets. I skipped the baked goods for dessert (well, ok, I took the tiniest little piece of a brownie that had broke off) and ate an apple that I brought.

Full disclosure: in addition to the food I photographed from Saturday, I also had a few bites off the snack table – some candy/chocolate here and there, a few angel food cake cubes, and some fruit as well. My friend Heather was convinced that I could and should eat whatever I wanted since I was running a half marathon the next day. She won a chocolate bar and offered to share it with me, and said “You should open it, it would be good for you.”…..haha….I don’t know about that Heather, but the piece I had sure tasted good! Winking smileIMG_0942

Thankfully, in addition to all this food, we also had a personal trainer/fitness instructor who taught a 30 minute “modified” boot camp-style class in the afternoon. After doing it in my regular t-shirt and bra, I realized why we have sports brasEmbarrassed smile. Supper was a roast beef dinner. I skipped the mashed potatoes and gravy (mashed potatoes don’t really excite me), took a small piece of roast beef, lots of veggies, salad and a roll. I went back for more salad, and had a bit of fruit and a few angel food cake chunks for dessert.

IMG_0943I WISH I could say that was the end of the food I ate Saturday, but no….my mom picked me up from the retreat and we headed to London and checked into our hotel. I wanted to go out for fro yo, but she had eaten a late lunch and no supper, so she wanted to grab an appetizer to much on first. I didn’t need one, but I knew I would eat one if I went with her…I caved! I mean, how could I say no to:

With olive tapenade and organic greens

Baguette, organic greens and artichoke dip

from Garlic’s, one of our absolute favourite London restaurants? Embarrassed smileI didn’t eat all that many carbs during the day, so maybe I can pass it off as necessary carbo-loading for the race?


After the apps, it was off to Yoyo’s for the aforementioned fro yo. I went with the tart original – loaded it up with my “staples” – SKOR bits and lots of fruit (mango, blackberries and strawberries), hid a few bits of Reese pb cups at the bottom, and added a few “accessories” – granola, crispy crunch bits, m&ms (small amounts of each) and topped with one lone brownie piece – delicious as usual! I treated my mom – it was her first time – and she’s a big fan.  Smile

So, the weekend was fun….but seriously…so.much.food. I feel like a bit of a poser, writing a healthy living blog after the way I’ve been eating this weekend. I did make a few smart choices (skipping desserts, cutting out a few things) but I also indulged in a major way. I don’t want to beat myself up about it, spend time freaking out and obsessing…I’ve done that WAY too much in the past. I’m just going to try and move forward, taking it one day at a time. I need to buckle down and eat healthy these next two weeks, as I know that in Vegas (t-minus 11 days Smile) there will be LOTS of splurges! As much as I want to get in a good calorie burn, I’m making myself take today off after yesterday’s run.

Do you eat more on the weekends? How do you get back on track come Monday morning?

4 Responses to “I. ate. all. weekend.”

  1. Deborah May 2, 2011 at 1:26 pm #

    All of that food is making me hungry!!

  2. Heather May 2, 2011 at 5:51 pm #

    Don’t even worry about eating out on Saturday night…it was probably good for you since you ran a half marathon the next day. HA! Besides, we went to DQ for a birthday blizzard and then ate cake and ice cream around 10 p.m. with the Smith’s and Eastmans…WOWZERS!!!

    Congrats on the half marathon too!

  3. Katie @ Real Food Katie's Way May 2, 2011 at 9:17 pm #

    Don’t feel like a poser at all! The majority of the time you eat very healthy….If you indulge every so often it isn’t going to hurt…The important thing is you had a blast and you ENJOYED every single bite!!

    I would say I differently on weekends….I’m less disciplined for sure but once Sunday comes around my body is craving getting back to the routine.

    You are so very inspiring!

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