Wynn-ing Big

22 May

Our hotel in Las Vegas, the Wynn, was awesome. So awesome, and so much to eat, drink and do, that I just couldn’t fit it all in to all of the posts I wrote. To that end, here’s a post of some of my (mostly food, but some other) highlights from the Wynn that I haven’t previously mentioned.


Mini desserts. The Lakeside Grill, where we went on our first night, has a selection of mini desserts – you can pick just one, or get 3 for a set price….so delicious and so much fun! See those truffles in the back? Champagne truffles covered in chocolate-coated popping candy! Isn’t that so much fun?!


This is how you control everything in your room. That’s right: lights, curtains, temperature, room service…all in one spot, beside your bed. I’m going to miss being able to open and close curtains with the touch of a button….sigh!













IMG_1295This is what they feed you on a conference lunch buffet (and that’s only the stuff I took)! Amazing salads, toasted crostini with ricotta cheese and other spreads, meats, cheeses and bread for sandwiches, tomato basil soup, fruit salad, panna cotta and biscotti (plus a bunch of other stuff, which I resisted) for dessert….YUM!











They have amazing (if expensive) mocktails. As someone who doesn’t really enjoy or drink alcohol on a regular basis, I still like to indulge in a “special,” “fancy” drink. While at the Wynn, I had an exotic sparkling lemonade, a tropical dreams smoothie, and a Wynn signature fruit punch – all delicious! Funny story: I had to show id to get in to the outside cocktail area where I ordered my fruit punch!

IMG_1290Beautiful flowers are everywhere! Seriously, they do an amazing job at this one! I can’t even begin to imagine what their flower budget must be, but they really do make the hotel look lovely. Not only are there arrangements everywhere, but there are also flowers growing in the lobby!

Now do you see why I enjoyed it there so much?My mom and I both agreed it’s the nicest hotel we’ve ever stayed at. We probably never would have stayed there had it not been for her conference – so thanks, CI, for introducing us to the Wynn.

I’m not sure when this will be posted due to internet issues. I’m typing this on Saturday night from the Grand Canyon – we saw a great sunset tonight. How has everyone’s long weekend been?


One Response to “Wynn-ing Big”

  1. Donna @ Love, Run & Travel May 24, 2011 at 1:36 pm #

    Wonder if i could get that remote for my house? 🙂
    Darn you have already left vegas, i should have got you to bring me back a champagne truffle – they sound AMAZING!!!

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