Bagel lovin’

23 May

I bought a lot of food when I went grocery shopping in Buffalo back in March. Thankfully, much of it was non-perishable or freeze-able. IMG_0996What this means is that some things did not get sampled for almost 2 months. One such product? Thomas’ Everything Bagel Thins. At the same time, I feel like I don’t know why I waited so long/think they’re totally worth the wait! Honestly, I thought these would just taste like thin buns and have a hole in the middle. But they are SO much more than that. They’ve got the poppy and sesame seed thing going on, and that hint of onion-y flavour that makes everything bagels so delicious! My only regret is that I bought just one package when I went Stateside…I will DEFINITELY get more next time (I’d get some on this trip, but they’d likely end up smushed in my suitcase).


So far, the thins have made it into two breakfasts. The first time, I enjoyed the thin toasted with 2 wedges of laughing cow on top, with a pear on the side. I also made an iced coffee (1/2 cup skim milk, Splenda, vanilla extract, instant coffee, water (or just use cold, prepared coffee) and lots of ice. Yum! Guilt-free, lower calorie swaps for both the bagel and the cream cheese!


The second bagelicious breakfast was a toasted thin with a couple tablespoons light shredded cheese, melted, topped with halved grape tomatoes, salt and pepper.IMG_1080




The sides were some chopped muskmelon and another iced coffee (expect to see this more often in place of the old cafe mocha as the weather heats up).

Thomas’ – my life will never be the same! I can’t wait until I next visit your homeland so I can take you home with me. Smile What is one food product you’ve recently discovered that you now can’t live without?

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