How to get to Sesame-less Street

30 May


Remember Saturday’s tasty supper that I showed but didn’t tell about yesterday? Because I love you, today you get a show AND a tell (side note: don’t you just love how in this photo, you can see a bit of all 4 of my colourful new napkins? My mom laid them out on the dining room table, ‘cause she likes ‘em). And the title will make sense in due time….patience, my friends. Smile


So the inspiration for the protein part of my meal came from something I made for the birthday party I catered back at the beginning of May: pineapple chicken teriyaki kabobs (that and the fact that I still had some of the marinade I bought left over: Clubhouse Teriyaki). I pierced a chicken breast with a fork (since I noticed on the bottle it said to pour over “pierced” meat), poured on some marinade, put in a ziploc bag, and let it sit for 30-40 minutes (I would have done it for longer, but I had a busy yet delightful Saturday filled with an amazing workout, baking muffins, yard work, baby holding and a quick grocery trip, so I didn’t get back home until almost 6).  IMG_1598

I liked the teriyaki and pineapple combo at the party (I’m a big fan of sweet and meat. Well, who am I kidding, I’m a big fan of sweet and anything), but didn’t really feel like going to the trouble of making skewers just for myself. So when it came time to grill, I preheated the grill to medium-high, sprayed it with a bit of PAM for Grilling, and threw on the chicken and one nice slice of pineapple, which I lightly brushed on each side with a bit more marinade.

Now for the “sesame-less” part of the title. IMG_1597In the first Hungry Girl cookbook, there is tasty recipe I’ve made once before for “Crazy Good Cold Sesame Noodles.” Only issue? No sesame seeds in this house (I think maybe you see where I’m going with the title). I made my own version, omitting the sesame seeds (it’s only have a teaspoon anyway) and making a few other substitutions which created a delicious end product. Again, dear readers, because I love you, I will show (and tell) you how I did it. Here’s the link to the original recipe, if you want to go by-the-book.

Side note: I used my last package of tofu shirataki noodles for this ( Sad smileWaaah! Happily though, my sister informed me that they are available at the natural foods store right across from her new house!!!!! Smile Road trip soon)!

HHH Crazy-Good Cold Sesame-less Noodles (adapted from Hungry Girl)


1 package tofu shirataki noodles (I used the fettucini, because that’s all I had, instead of the spaghetti ones).

1 tbsp. plus 1 tsp. reduced-fat peanut butter, room temperature (I had to microwave mine a bit for easier stirring)IMG_1600

2 tbsp. skim milk

2 tbsp. chopped red onion

A handful of chopped fresh chives and cilantro

2 tbsp sliced snow peas

1/2 tbsp. light or low-sodium soy sauce

1 small clove minced garlic

A pinch of brown sugar twin

Optional: salt (I used garlic salt, naturally)


Rinse and drain noodles well. Pat VERY dry with paper towels. Place noodles in a microwave-safe bowl, and microwave for 1 minute. Drain excess liquid from noodles, and pat them again until thoroughly dry (the more dry the better!). Cut noodles into spaghetti-length pieces.

Set aside. In a separate small dish, combine peanut butter, milk, soy sauce, garlic and sweetener. Mix well. Feel free to season this sauce to taste with salt. Pour sauce over noodles, add chopped veggies and mix thoroughly. Allow to chill in the fridge (I was a bit time crunched, and they weren’t as cold as I wanted, so I actually popped mine in the freezer for a few minutes: true story). Then enjoy! MAKES 1 SERVING

IMG_1601The veggies you see on the plate (sorry I didn’t get a better close-up) are a garlic-ginger stir fry. I heated one teaspoon of sesame oil over medium-high heat in a non-stick pan (I know you’re not really supposed to cook with sesame oil because of its smoke point, but what can I say, I’m a rebel, and I love the flavour). To that, I added chopped garlic (a shocker, I know), TONS of chopped fresh veggies (celery, cauliflower, snow peas, broccoli, red pepper, asparagus…think that was it) and a little bit of chopped fresh pineapple. Seasoning-wise, I added ground ginger (would have used fresh if I had it), and after a couple of minutes cooking, a couple of splashes of soy sauce, salt, and then a touch of white wine vinegar (probably not a traditional Asian ingredient, I know) and a hint of brown sugar twin (going for kinda the sweet ‘n sour vibe).

The whole meal came together wonderfully and was a delicious Asian flavour combo. Mmmm…I Red heartgrilled pineapple.

That same pineapple found its way into dessert (cold though, not grilled), and my newest (banana-less) venture: pin-ango soft serve: a nice cold bowl of IMG_1602tropical goodness. On the previously mentioned quick grocery trip, I decided to pick up some form of frozen fruit to make my carb reduction slightly easier (an update on that: carbs are slowly coming back into my life as of last night). I briefly flirted with the 5 fruit blend (mango, strawberry, grape, melon and cranberry I believe) but ultimately went for the mango chunks. Really, that bag was only $2.99 (I think…or maybe $3.99). If you think about how much fresh mangoes usually cost (unless you’re lucky and score a cheap case), and consider the quantity you get, and it’s already peeled, chopped and frozen, it’s a pretty good deal.


As you can see from the photo, I combined the frozen mango with the fresh pineapple. I did the usual procedure of my banana soft serve, except that since I was using half fresh fruit, no added almond milk was needed. The fresh pineapple made it a bit softer than usual, but it was still nice and chilly, and there were a few mango chunks (which I actually enjoy). Mmmm….double pineapple pleasure in this meal!

This delicious, fresh, fruity supper was the perfect end to a perfect day. It was low-key, I was able to get some stuff done around the house/yard, and meet the beautiful baby daughter of a long-time friend. She slept in my arms for over an hour…I was all warm and fuzzy inside after. Seriously, I felt like I had a big grin on my face as I walked around the grocery store! Open-mouthed smileGotta love babies!

What makes you warm and fuzzy inside?

2 Responses to “How to get to Sesame-less Street”

  1. Katie @ Real Food Katie's Way May 30, 2011 at 9:24 pm #

    oh I want mango soft serve NOW!

    A warm bowl of whipped banana oatmeal topped with yummy homemade granola made me warm and fuzzy this morning!


  1. Ring around the Burger « hungryhealthyhilary - June 24, 2011

    […] was also quite delicious and summer-y: pineapple mango soft serve! This stuff rules. The combo of fresh and frozen fruit blends up beautifully, no added liquid […]

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