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Guess what this ISN’T

17 Jun









Happy Friday, dear blog friends! Let’s take a look at the photos above, shall we? You’re probably looking at them, and thinking, “oh, Hilary’s making some chocolate chip cookies, this sounds yummy” (unless you considered the title of today’s post). Well, if that’s what you’re thinking, then you are WRONG!

Do these pictures help you out a little bit more?









Ok, I can’t hold it in. You are looking at several stages of making COOKIE. DOUGH. TRUFFLES. You heard me right. Yes, they are every bit as delicious as they sound (possibly even more). And yes, these guys are DANGEROUS! Make sure you have somewhere to take them and share them, because if you’re anything like me you can NOT be trusted around these little bombs of deliciousness.

I first saw this recipe on the show Paula’s Best Dishes on the Food Network quite some time ago and could NOT get it out of my head! I googled it, bookmarked it, and first made these beauties last summer for the guests at my birthday party (I hosted my own birthday party, made all the food, and take-home treats for the guests….does this surprise anyone?). I made them again this week for our Worship Team Practice at churchIMG_1782…it was our last practice before we break for summer, so I figured we should go out on a sweet note (pun INTENDED)!

Since Paula and the Food Network people have it written up so nicely, I’m just going to send you over there if you want to make the recipe. If you or a family member are allergic to nuts, please accept my deepest sympathies, as these contain pecans. *Please note, although the name of the blog is Hungry Healthy Hilary, I do like to indulge now and then. These truffles are one of those times…but anything can fit into a balanced diet…one of these is 80/20 eating at its finest! The good thing about these truffles is they are pretty small, relatively speaking. So eating one isn’t going to derail your day.


These guys are good enough on their own, but I wasn’t about to stop there. I remembered reading on Oh She Glows about Angela making a “cookie dough blizzard” of sorts with banana soft serve. I decided that one of these babies would be a delicious option. And, since I had just one chocolate peanut butter ball left, I figured, why not chop up that little guy too?IMG_1797

Making this tremendous treat is so simple too. All you do is make basic banana soft serve (1 chopped frozen banana, touch of almond milk, process until smooth in a food processor) and add a little unsweetened cocoa powder. Then put it into a glass or small bowl and stir in your cookie dough truffle and chocolate pb ball pieces (note, just like blizzards, you could go any way with this…use a bit of your favourite chocolate bar, crumbled cookies…possibilities are endless).


This was the perfect dessert for “I wanna be a little naughty and decadent, but not totally over the top.” You’ve got the healthy goodness of banana soft serve with the totally decadent cookie dough truffle…the angel on one should and the devil on the other are both satisfied, right?

So…speaking of being naughty… last night was Thursday Night, aka Hilary’s “treat”/temptation night. I was hoping that my little blizzard treat would do the trick, but alas, I fell into my old traps.


I was baking, making these delicious lime cookies for a function for my Aunt. There was dough to eat, broken cookies that I couldn’t use (but couldn’t let go to waste). Then there were all the bits and bites here and there….frozen yogurt out of the container, jelly beans, other things that I can’t even remember! All that to say is, even as a “health food blogger,” I still have my struggles…I am a work in progress! But the healthier you are in the day-to-day, the less one night of not-so-stellar choices has to derail you, right? (Or so I tell myself).

On a happier note, Shape up for Summer is going well for me. In the past week, I’ve noticed that two of my pairs of “tight pants” aren’t quite as tight as I remembered….this is HUGE for me! I’ve been keeping up with hooping for 10 minutes a few times a week. And I met with my personal trainer this week who totally beat me up (arms. were. so. sore). Military Tone was cancelled again last Saturday (fingers crossed for this week), but I made up for it by pushing myself through some treadmill intervals and a few weights. And HUGE score? I got a Wagjag deal for $19 for a one month membership to The Athletic Club!!!!! Sweet! Yes, I still pay for and will go to my regular gym, but I am excited to take advantage of the pool and different classes there, to switch things up a little (plus, Donna is a member, so we can go together). I’ve been doing pretty well on the special occasion eating, but I’ve got two food-filled weekends coming up, so wish me luck and stay tuned!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


You’ve been (soft) served!

3 Jun


Happy Friday everyone! It’s the weekend. It’s getting close to summer (18 days, but who’s counting?) and the weather’s getting warmer. You want a cold, creamy, treat, but there’s that bathing suit laughing at you from the back of your closet (or maybe you’ve decided to join me for my Shape up for Summer Challenge). You need to whip up some fruity soft serve – stat!

There are so many delicious variations. If you’re new here, or have missed a few posts, maybe you haven’t seen them all. Have no fear! I am linking you to all the ones I’ve tried (so far). The procedure’s basically the same for all of them: put frozen, chopped fruit in a food processor with a touch of almond/skim/soy milk if needed, then process until smooth – that’s it!

So, you can try:

By no means do I think I am the originator of the banana soft serve idea. I’ve seen it on the Rachael Ray show, and on Tina’s blog. I’ve just taken it, and given it my own spin (like I do with most recipes Winking smile).

Now for a couple of updates on the Shape up for Summer challenge:

  • I checked off my one “low carb day” for this week already on Tuesday – yay (again, it was fairly painless – included all kinds of deliciousness, like a smoothie in a bowl with mango chunks, and even steak for dinner)
  • I want to add one little post-script to my workout goals: hoop at home for 10 minutes at least 4 days a week. I think this will really help whittle my middle back down to where I like it, and the hoop I paid $20 for has been collecting dust in my room! I’ve done this 2 days in a row so far, and since the weather’s been nicer, I’ve been taking it outside…the time goes SO MUCH faster when I’m walking around my yard in the sunshine. Smile
  • I’m trying my best to bump up the intensity in my workouts, but it’s just been so-so this week. Tomorrow I’ll do military tone class, which is always good, and I need to schedule a session with a trainer (I have a half hour left that’s paid for, I just need to get around to it!)


Another update: this time on the rhubarb front. I used some of my stewed rhubarb to make a strawberry-rhubarb cheesecake shake! Sadly, it wasn’t quite as good as it sounds. I mean, I liked it, and (no surprise) I obviously finished the whole thing off, but it didn’t WOW me…and the cheesecake flavour didn’t come through like I’d hoped. In any case, I’ll tell you what I did and then you can repeat and/or improve on it.





Nice overhead blender shot, eh? Into a blender, I put 1/3 cup of the rhubarb, 3/4 cup frozen strawberries, 3 tablespoons fat-free cream cheese, a touch of Splenda and 1 cup almond milk and blended away. It seemed a little thin, so I added a couple ice cubes right at the end. Again, still good, but not particularly memorable (I sound like an American Idol judge or something). Since Ontario strawberry season is fast approaching, I’m trying to finish off the end of last year’s stash in the freezer: less than 1.5 bags to go!

Hope you have a great weekend…enjoy the sunshine! Any exciting plans?

Such a Softie

12 May

You’ve read before on here about my love for banana soft serve. You’ve seen IMG_1067my mango variation (inspired by the wonderful Katie of RFKW, of course). But, if you know me, you’ll know that when I find a recipe I like, I am not content just to leave it alone. I like to play with things and switch it up a bit. While I still love the original banana, I wanted to go outside the basic box. Given the bountiful supply of strawberries in my freezer, I thought they would be the perfect fruit to try.


I did the usual method: frozen banana (used half), chopped up, added about a cup of frozen strawberries, then splashed in some almond milk (I’ve made it twice, and the second time was with regular 1% milk…almond milk was used up and didn’t want to open a new container so soon before leaving). I processed until smooth, stirring and scraping a bit as I went, then put it in a pretty bowl with a frozen strawberry on top.

One procedural note: the strawberries freeze HARD! The first time I made this, there were several chunks of frozen, whole (or almost whole) strawberries. Not the end of the world, but not the most pleasurable thing in the midst of a bowl of frozen goodness. So the second time, I microwaved the berries for just 10 or 15 seconds. Not much at all, just enough so they weren’t rock-solid.

Strawberry banana is a classic combo, so it’s no surprise that this soft-serve was yummy! And I loved the pretty pink colour too (no surprise there either, I’m a bit of a pink fanatic). I think I like basic banana and ban-ango better, but I still really liked this…I made it twice in a week, so it can’t be bad, right? Winking smile

So, just in case you forgot, I’M LEAVING FOR LAS VEGAS TOMORROW (early, VERY early)!!!!! What does that mean to you HHH readers? I want to update you on all the delicious eats and cooking adventures (have I mentioned that I’m doing a cooking class inspired by the movie Julie and Julia?), but I don’t want to be chained to my computer every night. I’ve got a few posts scheduled, including one from a very special guest. So if you’re reading something that looks like the usual HHH, it’s probably one of my ahead-of-time posts. But I am bringing my laptop, so in between the advance-posts I’ve written, I will give you Vegas updates.

Although I’m SUPER-excited about this trip, I’m also a little nervous. I REALLY don’t want to gain too much weight, but I know there will be tons of amazing food. And I tend to be and “all-or-nothing” girl on vacation – once I start splurging, I go all the way. I know all the “right” things to do, but whether or not I actually do them is a whole other issue. I’m hoping to fit in lots of exercise whenever possible to offset some of those splurges. I’ve heard that you walk a lot in Vegas, and I certainly plan to. I’m also hoping to take stairs and not the elevator (this worked for me when I was on a cruise last year).

So, stick with me as I share my ups and downs, my meals, my splurges, my successes and failures….it should be fun! And as Elvis would say: “Viva Las Vegas!”

Got any good tips for eating healthy/preventing weight gain on vacation? Share ‘em please!